Website Design Services in North Texas

Website Design in North Texas 2020

Web Design with your customers in mind

Our web design & development team has established a host of effective services to facilitate the growth of your business.

  • Responsive Design
  • Search Intent Based
  • Optimized Structure
  • AMP Designs


  • Mobile Designs
  • SEO Friendly
  • Positive UX
  • Speedy Performance

Website Design for Local Business in 2020

Effective education of your product or service, satisfying your customer’s needs, informing them of your company’s Covid-19 Policy, and guiding them to your location are now standard practice in effective websites for local businesses.

Your website design should embed these elements on every page for the desired response from the consumer. Here’s an example of how we design web pages to fit this criteria.

Search Based Website Designs

Our designs are based on your customers search intent. When searching for your products or service, are they looking to be educated? Buy on the spot? Compare prices? Book an appointment?

Knowing your customers search intent is the first step in deciding how your web pages should be designed. Take a minute to contact us and we will determine your customer’s search intent free of charge.

Optimal Website Structure Designs

Most local businesses only need a 5 – 15 page structure to land high visibility in a local market. Home, Contact, Services, and About Us pages are the most common pages used for local businesses.

Some local businesses may require a deeper design structure using several pages to meet the level of information set by local market competitors.

North Texas SEO determines the needs of your website structure before we build the first page. Your website structure outlines the road map we use to build your website to compete in your local market.

What structure does your website need? How are your competitors structuring their websites? Can you compete? Contact us for your estimated optimal website structure design.

Mobile-Friendly Designs and Beyond

It’s common for websites today to fit the screen resolution of any and all search devices. Desktops, tablets, and mobile phones are the most common devices.

Often it’s best practice to design a mobile site completely independent of its desktop and tablet versions. We practice the latter. Not only do we design a mobile version of your website, we add whole other level of mobile-friendliness.

The AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) version of your mobile design is independent from your desktop, tablet, and standard mobile website.   

An AMP website is designed for optimal speed and higher search visibility. With faster load times and usability, AMP pages typically keep customers on your site longer.  Faster load times, usability, and engagement are considered to be high ranking factors.  Here’s an example of an AMP page.