Covid-19 Update* We are currently still running as before and accepting new businesses. However, we are practicing social distancing for your protection and ours.  For new and existing customers, we are always available for online meetings through Zoom.

North Texas SEO

North Texas SEO has a long history is website design, development and marketing dating back to 1997. Our mission has always been to provide small businesses with an online presence that can compete with large businesses in the same market.  Basically, we like to see Sampson beat Goliath.

We have currently switched our focus from Global Marketing to Local Marketing. The change is do to better help Local Businesses as they make adjustments to their operations due to the Covid-19.

Meet our Owner

Brannon Smith – Owner/Operator

With over 20 years working in the Digital Marketing industry, Brannon has extensive knowledge about helping a businesses succeed on the internet.   From basic design and development to helping business owners discover new ways of monetizing their website properties. When he’s not working or tinkering with new marketing ideas, he can usually be found in local parks fishing on Lewisville Lake, camping around Grapevine Lake, or at home cooking up some southern eats for his family. 

“Changes made in website operation to accomodate the needs local businesses during this Coronavirus Pandemic are here to stay.” – Brannon Smith 2020